Jim Pelz (from the album Loser Angels) – Boston has always been a music city. It never got the kudos since one distinct sound or scene could be defined. Jim Pelz grew up in a Boston music environment, granting him access Rock’n’Roll, Soul, Folk, Jazz, and Blues. Jim packed his influences when he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, immersing himself in the city’s Americana scene. Loser Angels is the debut album from Jim Pelz. The stories find heroes in everyday characters, inspiration in daily lives and salvation in simple advice. “Soul of a Song” glides on smooth rhythms as clouds of organ swells and harmony fill the air while Jim finds future ties to the six strings he holds in his hand. Loser Angels gives its title track a steadfast motion as the story has a goal for being ‘heaven bound’. A country jangle brightens the air as “Faded” starts to lose its buzz, gives a nod to a ‘national treasure with “Mr. Jones”, and catches a fast breeze beat as dusk falls on “Blue Sky Park”.

Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root – 4/29/15